We equip our clients with state of the art software to manage their logistical processes in a cost-effective manner without losing the personal touch with their customers.

Who We Are

What if shippers didn't have to choose between decades of expertise and skills, and the modern, autometed and intelligent system that online startups offer. That is the question that led us to found ItsMyCargo.

With a combine background in logistics and IT systems, we have spent over 18 months trying to merge the two. Our vision is to digitise global trade one step at the time and make logistics easier for shippers as well as for logistics providers, and we are proud to finally reveal our software solution to the market. By delivering modern, state of the art software to the established market, we give shippers the possibility to enjoy the best of both segments.


ItsMyCargo is a software provider that specializes in logistics and maritime solutions. We serve a broad range of businesses with everything from large ocean carriers to global freight forwarders and local trucking companies. More specifically, we build customized software pateforms from the bottom up including automated booking systems, interactive dashboards, smarttech communication channels, and intelligent quotation and route lanning algorithms. In brief, we help the marked transcend into 21st century and to keep up with modern techology.

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We Are Hiring!

ItsMyCargo is digitising world trade. We already have clients throughout Europe and our software is being used from all parts of the world. Our first investment round has just begun, and we are looking to invite new team members to join us in Copenhagen, Hamburg or New Delhi.