The sales channel for online freight sales.


We deliver modern and intuitive shop systems that ease the workload for the
everyday forwarder, NVOCC, liner agent & carrier.

Sell freight online

A 24/7 sales channel at the price
of one employee.

Scale your business

On board new customers while
selling more to existing.

Keep it personal

Make the online people´s business
your business.

Designed for automation

Reduce complexity with instant
documentation and API connection.

How our logistics shop systems work:

The internal and external value


  • Instant rate management: save time on every shipment
  • Data depot & copy functions: automate menial tasks
  • Increased efficiency for the entire organisation
  • Integration to existing TMS and track & trace
  • Intelligent route planning for faultless services
  • Eliminate miscommunication with one central system


  • Clear contact point: one portal for all your shippers
  • Information are 24/7 available
  • Offer all modes of transport online
  • Personal dashboard for each shipper with own rates
  • Deliver documents and updates in real time
  • Let shippers pay online upfront or based on an invoice

Why ItsMyCargo?

"For a modern shipping agency like us, ItsMyCargo’s booking software is the ideal tool to keep our operations lean and stay on top of the latest technology."
Michael Thomsen – Project Manager, tantum shipping

"We care about the customer more than anything else. The ItsMyCargo Shop aids us to fulfill our promise by presenting our services better and clearer while we gain efficiency."
Johan Jemdahl – CEO, Greencarrier
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