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Shop overview

Our software concepts are two split and both support online sales of logistics services.

Client Shop

Sell more to existing clients by offerring all modes of transport in their own individual shop. A sales channel to boost your business and strengthen your digital customer relationship.

Public Shop

Gain market share with a public shop and make your spot quotes available for everyone. Decrease administration and serve smaller clients, new customers and adhoc shippers efficiently.

Client Shop Public Shop
Intelligent Booking System
Branded Online Shop Design
Serviceability for all Modes of Transport
Offer Your Value-Added Services
On-Spot Freight Rate Calculator
Dashboard to view shipments history & progress
Dynamic Timetables
Address Book & Cargo Details Auto-Fill
Document Generation & Storage
Overview of personal tariffs and expirations -
Request new tariff function -
Client Shop Public Shop
Unlimited Storage of Data
Freight Rate Management System
Unlimited amount of customers
Analytics Dashboard on User Behaviour
Instant Accept / Decline / Edit function for requests
Automatic Document Generation e.g. B/L
Integration to existing systems
Upselling tool to push offers and updates
Customer-specific pricing -
Specific discounts to clusters or specific clients -


Invoice system

Invoices are filled automatically and
forwarded with our e-mail system.

Invoicing made simple.


Establish API connections to your TMS,
ERP, and Track & Trace system.

Designed for automation.

Payment Wall

Let customers pay immediately by credit
card or PayPal when they book.

Fewer invoices, more liquidity.

ItsMyCargo - Seamless Shipping
Watch the video to understand the shipping process

The Shop System - Use the Internet properly

Loyal to Your Brand, Accessible on All Devices

When visitors access the Shop, we want your brand to be recognizable in the design. Therefore, we take pride in always designing the layout of the Shop to match the style of our customers. Your clients will experience your service in a fresh design with an intuitive feel, leaving them with a positive sense of innovation and up-to-date operations.

And the Shop can be experience from all devices, making it possible for your clients to place bookings or checking up on their shipments from their computer, iPad, or even their smartphone.

Booking Transport Made Easy

Booking transport should be as simple and intuitive as it can be – without losing the eye for detail. In our booking system, shippers can instantly see their individual rate and then select between relevant departures with just a click before placing the booking. Additional services such as insurance and customs clearance are also available directly with calculated prices.

Every shipper has 24/7 access to their own account with real-time updates on shipments and offers, a personal dashboard with shipment history and an individual address book with copy functions.

The Administrative Dashboard

The Administrative Dashboard is an intelligent portal that constantly sends information back and forth in real time to all of your Shops. Updating rates, disabling hubs with automatic re-routing, changing sailing schedules, and editing and processing bookings was never this easy. It used to take hours and sometimes even days - With the Administrative Dashboard it takes minutes.

Powerful. Intuitive. Designed for 21st century forwarding.

Introducing Discounts

The Discounts module allows you to control and edit rates all the way down to a specific shipment on a specific day for a specific sailing. Discounts is a game changer as it links rates to your individual customers, making a Shop with individual pricing a reality.

Reward loyal customers like you do to day with individual pricing. Cluster customers in categories and discount them automatically.

Looking for an Internal System?

Our Internal System is designed to provide value in the everyday operations, and allows forwarders to quickly:

  • Search for a rate for a specific route;
  • Look up individual rates and ongoing shipments of existing shippers;
  • Check up on departure and arrivals times for an entire transport;
  • Produce the relevant documentation with minimal input of data

And all of that can be done in a few seconds while you have a shipper on the phone. No more:

  • Confusion and manual calculations of rates;
  • Keeping track of sailing schedules;
  • Remembering the deals you have with individual customers

By forwarders, for forwarders.

The future is online. Make it yours.