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What is ItsMyCargo?
We are a software provider that enables logistics providers to offer an online dashboard to their customers.
What is the ItsMyCargo Shop?
The IMC shop is a booking tool, customers interface and communication channel for freight forwarders to offer to their customers. The shop can give your customers an overview about his quotes from you, their validity, and his shipments and their status. It can be used to request new quotes and show the customer new offers more easily.
What if I do not want to offer a specific service on the shop, e.g. only trucking, or no document depository?
The shop is 100% tailored to your needs. This means you can decide on which services to offer, including insurance. The steps of the booking process can be altered, and new features can be added upon request.
Can this shop be integrated with my current TMS system?
Yes, our booking tool can be seamlessly integrated with any TMS system via API or EDI. However, uploading Excel sheets on a regular basis is also an option.
How long does it take to install the shop?
The set-up and instalment period of a shop is six weeks. This includes aligning shop design. API, if requested, will take two weeks.
In what languages is the shop offered?
Regardless of functionalities, the shop will always be offered in the language of the operating countries, and English.
What is the price of the shop?
The prices of the shop vary according to company’s size and needs. The ItsMyCargo shop can be everything from an entire customer dashboard with logins for each shipper to a simple booking request tool. For more information, get in touch with us.
What happens to our data in the shop?
ItsMyCargo offers to secure the data on its own servers. If you operate your own server, our software can also access your data from these.
Will the software do anything to my current sales?
IMC was not developed to replace any sales team, but to enhance current operations. It is an interactive tool sales teams can use to give customers a better overview of their services.
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