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Clemen Jespersen

CEO & Co-Founder

Martin Landgraf

CFO & Co-Founder

Robert Sieg

COO & Co-Founder

Henry Perschk

CTO & Co-Founder

Ingo Erlenhofer

Director of Sales

Mikko Kokkonen

Lead Software Developer

Warwick Beamish

Full Stack Developer

Angelica Vanni

Software Developer

Joseph Schafer

Software Developer

Allison Francis

Operations Manager

Anton Sieg

Growth Ambassador

Marcelo Leonardi

Frontend Software Developer

Timon Schittek

Growth Ambassador

Bassam Aziz

Full Stack Developer

Diana Pilzer

Implementation Manager

Hasstrup Ezekiel

Full Stack Developer

Anna Weissermel

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Drawing from industry experts to keep our product best in class.

Martin Sieg

Martin is a global forwarding expert that has spent decades in the logistics and shipping industry. As previous Managing Director in large forwarding companies such as Damco, Geis SDV, or Rhenus Logistics, and with an extensive management background in shipping from Hapag-Lloyd, he accumulated a wealth of knowledge and leadership experience in how logistics is done on a global scale. Nowadays, he is a board member and consultant for digital startups and conglomerates alike. In this role, he advises on innovation, M&A, and executive search. For ItsMyCargo Martin has been an important mentor since day 1. He has been empowering the team to make bold decisions and dare to change the way logistics is done.

Ulrich Schittek

Ulrich is an current executive in the shipping industry, and is particularly known for his insights into the tanker and bulker segment. As a leader for several shipping companies, he has navigated through critical times and coordinated complex projects in the challenging market environment. Ulrich is also member of the Hamburg Committee on Port & Shipping and possesses a network into various domains along the value chain where he initiates projects where young and old sit together and to innovate the traditional industry of logistics. His passion for new ideas and audacious goals was also the reason why he quickly grew fond of ItsMyCargo and he supports us while paving the way to a digital future for the shipping industry.

Niels Bjørn Andersen

Niels is Professor Emeritus at Copenhagen Business School for the Department of Digitalization. He is an expert in maritime and logistics business research related to the future of ERP systems, inter-organizational systems, IT management, and the role of IT in shaping the future of logistics. He has been the leader in a multitude of research projects together with major players in the IT sector, such as IBM, SAP, and Microsoft. Excited to see ItsMyCargo impact the global logistics industry, he is drawn to the company due to the strong team, company culture and passionate spirit.

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