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Streamline the way your logistics company generates, sends, and tracks quotes, with ItsMyCargo Quote.  Seize the power of instant quotations and reduce the time your team spends preparing them. You and your customers can close more deals, faster.

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Seamless access to instant quotation

Quotation made simple with detailed, accurate quotes in just one click. ItsMyCargo Quote is built to better streamline your sales process to either create a quote inside your sales team or provide potential new and existing customers access to generate a quote themselves. Key details of the quote can be directly linked to customers, shipments, and price negotiations.

Scale your business

Advance quote analytics for every route

Once a quote is sent, analytics allow you to benchmark customers yourself by getting insights into their price sensitivity, response time, booking intentions, and alternative offers on every route that you have. ItsMyCargo Quote makes it easier than ever before to measure the progress and success rate of every quote. Best of all, quotes can be directly booked.

Keep it personal

Less time preparing quotes, more time building business

ItsMyCargo Quote helps your business save time and close deals faster while offering an individual connection to every customer. Instant changes to pre-existing quotes can be directly made accessible for your entire team, so you can provide a win-rate even better. Become more flexible and quick to meet your customer’s ever-changing needs and solve their problems.

Reduce complexity

Autonomy to automatically create consistent quotes

Setup a quote once for customer categories, routes, MOT, or times, and it will be updated everywhere. With ItsMyCargo Quote you can ensure consistency across all your quoting activity so your teams can collaborate in real time. Powered by our next generation rate management system you provide the tangible value of better freight quotation and sales capabilites.


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Clemen Jespersen

CEO & Co-Founder

While being ItsMyCargo's expert in B2B sales and maritime business with over 5 years of leadership experience at Nykredit and TDC, Clemen Jespersen has been with the company from the very first day.

Maximilian Völler

General Manager

With 6+ years of international experience in transport, logistics and IT, Maximilian Völler understands the needs and requirements of logistics companies and their customers facing the digital age of online logistics.

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Get to know the most powerful digital freight sales solutions for established logistic companies. ItsMyCargo is your single suite of software that integrates all your existing tools, data, and processes.

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