About us

Logistics is a people’s business, and will remain a people’s business. But transparent tech start-ups try to disrupt the industry and diminish the personal touch for automatic processes.

At ItsMyCargo we believe that logistics should be simple, but not impersonal. We believe everybody ought to take advantage of the internet for their services.

We believe in delivering intuitive, engaging service experiences for shippers, and giving forwarders the technology to harness the full potential of their expertise & network in the years to come. We see ourselves as enablers – using technology to add value to logistics, the people’s business that is going online.

We are ItsMyCargo – enabling smarter logistics.

What we do

We build shop systems that let you stay ahead

Meet our team

We are people who care for solutions that help many.

Clemen Jespersen
Chief Executive Officer
Martin Landgraf
Chief Financial Officer
Robert Sieg
Chief Operating Officer
Customer Success
Henry Perschk
Chief Technology Officer
Maximilian Völler
General Account Manager
Warwick Beamish
Software Developer
Francisco Coutinho
Software Developer
Christopher König
Software Developer
Michael Larsen
Software Developer
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