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Expand your online market share.

Offer one spot-rate to the entire online market – with ItsMyCargo Spot. Whether you provide ocean, air, trucking or rail, start to stand out from the crowd and grow your sales performance by tapping into the world’s largest customer base.

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Advance online

Put your business up to speed

Stay ahead and use web-based software technology as a competitive advantage for your sales activities online. Find new customers by making your services ready-to-sell. Turn first-time shippers into your new future business.

Scale your business

Launch your services worldwide

Generate business all over the world 24/7, by targeting and reaching shippers with minimal investment through ItsMyCargo Spot. Serve new customers, smaller clients, and ad-hoc shippers immediately while saving time and cost on each inquiry.

Keep it personal

Retain your approachable identity online

Whether you make all your service options requestable or directly bookable. What is important is that you offer potential clients exactly what they are looking for. Focus on your business’ personal approach and let ItsMyCargo handle the rest.

Reduce complexity

Adapt your services to the next generation of shippers

Automatic rate calculation, smart transport planning, and digital data generation made possible. Leverage insightful sales information to grow your business. By using ItsMyCargo Spot you are preparing yourself for the future of logistics.

Other features you need.

Customer activity radar

Track and analyze all your shop visitors using customer activity data. Start to capture more incoming leads and improve your customer lifetime value.

API connection

Whatever system you have, connect it with ItsMyCargo’s open API. Configure data exchange and mapping in a way that fits your business and technology.


Provide online invoices, B/L and other workable files that can be shared and edited directly. Replace old-style paperwork with digital documents.

Support chat

Directly connect with your customers
at your online point-of-sale. Retain engagement at scale and increase booking conversion rates.


Get in touch with our experts to learn more about
ItsMyCargo and the digital way of freight sale

Clemen Jespersen

CEO & Co-Founder

While being ItsMyCargo's expert in B2B sales and maritime business with over 5 years of leadership experience at Nykredit and TDC, Clemen Jespersen has been with the company from the very first day.

Ingo Erlenhofer

Director of Sales

Ingo Erlenhofer is bringing a wealth of knowledge both from his past 2 years in the LogTech industry and his 12 years of experience from DB Schenker.

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The Spot, Tender and Quote Solution

are powerful alone — but they’re even better together.

Focus on generating new business online, exceeding
your customers’ expectations, and increasing your
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Get to know the most powerful digital freight sales solutions for established logistic companies. ItsMyCargo is your single suite of software that integrates all your existing tools, data, and processes.

You’ll eliminate wasted time and effort on each inquiry so you can easily increase bookings, acquire more customers, win more business, and successfully move your sales activities into the growing eLogistics market. Choose any of our 3 solutions that work to fit you as you grow.


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