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How to provide your services online?

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Make your spot rates openly available to everyone. Serve new customers, smaller clients, and adhoc shippers more efficiently while saving time and cost on each inquiry. Instantly show all your service options and respective prices based on provided shipment details. Specific to the modes of transport you offer, all of it can now be booked with a simple mouse-click.

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Boost your sales activity with your existing clients through a modern sales channel true to your business. Offer all your services to each client via their own online access to their personal shop environment. Provide individualized pricing based on negotiated rates, offer discounts, and quicker convert recurring orders. They can also make instant bookings and have the possibility to request new routes from you.

Direct quotation for all destinations you offer, with

Seize the power of instant quotation. Have general as well as individualized rates seamlessly calculated and make them requestable. Thereby, your sales operations can become more efficient by generating faster deals with your customers. And of course, have the option to extend requests directly to become instantly bookable.

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