We are bridging the world of logistics with the technology of tomorrow

It started as a bold idea. Today, our software is being used daily in 37 countries.

We are a passionate team of 13 people from 8 different nationalities who have been pushing the digital transformation of the logistics industry since we first started.

Founded in Denmark
Incorporated in Germany

The potential to have a real impact on global trade is our north star

From the local business that imports textiles and exports clothing, the freight forwarder who organises the logistical chain, the truck driver who makes the pickup, the warehouse operator who consolidates the container, the crane operator who loads the vessel, the carrier who sails across the ocean - everyone plays their part. Our role is to optimise the flow of information between the parties and make cooperation as frictionless as possible.

A trusted partner

One of the many things that we love about the logistics industry is that it is built around trusted partnerships and long-term relations.

We made a decision early on to not scale too quickly and put our brand at risk with less-than-perfect software that has not been thoroughly tested. Our customers entrust us with a core part of their business, and we owe it to them to be as precise and intentional as possible when we roll out new features. We are building long-term partnerships, and we are happy to sacrifice short-term growth in favor of being the most stabile and trusted solution in the market.

A valued partner

After years of building and nurturing relationships with people from all parts of the industry, we are now leveraging our community to form new partnerships and business relations. This ranges from getting access to competitive rates from upstream providers and procuring it exclusively for our members, to establishing new business partnerships forwarders amongst.

Becoming a valued partner means going above and beyond to always find new ways to bring value to our customers. Come for the software, stay for the ItsMyCargo Community.

A passionate partner

Passionate about logistics. Passionate about disruptive technology. What drives our team is ensuring our tool can be leveraged to its fullest capacity.

Our empathetic approach to building our product means reaching into the pain points that trouble your operations and working together to implement long-lasting solutions. Our close-knit team loves engaging with customers and hearing of potential challenges we can overcome. Forming close relationships with customers is not just a byproduct of our customer success, it is a core value.

Our key partnerships

We are more than a software provider. Even though we are on a mission to digitise the industry, we understand that logistics is a people’s business for a reason.

Together, we make our vision reality

Robert Sieg
CEO & Co-Founder
Henry Perschk
CTO & Co-Founder
Martin Landgraf
CFO & Co-Founder
Allison Keith
Warwick Beamish
Engineering Manager
Ajith Kumar
Senior Software Engineer
Vlad Negure
Senior Software Engineer
Abanoub Awny
Senior Product Designer
Bastian Ganze
Senior Frontend Engineer
Gjore Milevski
Senior Frontend Engineer
Sara Malik
Operations Manager
Bastian Fein
Operations Account Manager
Anass Ghailane
Account Executive
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