Gateway Cargo Systems reaches 300% return on investment

Christian Glitscher and his team at Gateway Cargo Systems was facing the challenge of handling a large volume of agent business requests through email. This process was time-consuming and inefficient, leading to delays and reduced productivity. These were particularly large due to large time zone differences. Their freight agents, which are more less also customers, do not get

To address the challenge of email-based agent business, Gateway Cargo Systems adopted the external quote tool offered by ItsMyCargo.

While it took some time to get used to the new tool in 2019, the team adapted in a careful manner and started seeing the benefits of the automated rate quotation system right away.

"The agents took the system really well - but it was important that they really hear and see it from us personally so that the commitment would retain long-term, also for avoiding manual negotiations for good."                         

Christian Glitscher, CEO

The real usage came with in 2021 more freed up capacity on Gateway side to take the time to set up more agents. Since  then, the growth has been relatively constant, so that in 2021 the av. quotation increase was ~40, while the av. quotation increase per month in 2022 was ~100.

Thanks to rate automation, we were able to cover in 2022

  • 13.433 quotations
  • with ~that av. quote time at 6min = 1.343 hours saved
  • with av. salary for operator at €45.00,  resulting in
  • €60.453 annual ROI, monthly at €5037,75
  • This equals a 300% ROI ratio

The past year speaks clear numbers, and with the Q1 2023 expansion, we have seen a constant climb, averaging a quote count increase is 99.25 quotes more per month, helping to achieve a company wide revenue increase (during COVID times) of 40% more.

This has brought numerous benefits to the organization, including increased efficiency, streamlined processes, and improved response times. The largest value add has been the opportunity gain: the team has gained tremendous time to spend more attention on the more complex, and new business deals.

The modern and intuitive choice

Taking something complex and presenting it in a easy-to-grasp and clean manner is an art. The software is packed with powerful features and integrations, but over the years we found a way to keep the experience simple and intuitive.

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